Your Guide to Avoiding ‘Bad’ Hires

February 22 2021

According to a survey by CareerBuilder, the average cost associated with a bad hire is about $15,000.




Well, this figure includes all the costs ranging from advertising the job and facilitating the hiring process to investing in training and planning the onboarding process.


These are just the quantifiable costs.


Bad hires can lead to an even bigger negative impact that can’t easily be measured in numbers. They can tarnish the reputation of the company and adversely affect the morale of other employees.

All this can be prevented by adding just one more step to your recruitment process – background checks.


Having processes and procedures in place for evaluating candidates can help you hire employees who are the ‘right’ fit and check all the boxes.


So, once you’ve sifted through resumes, interviewed candidates, and made initial selections – it’s time to focus on pre-employment screenings.


A thorough screening process can help you learn more about the candidate as well as flag issues that may not have been identified otherwise. For instance, the candidate could have:


-Been involved in workplace harassment,

-A criminal record,

-Misrepresented past professional experience,

-Provided incorrect employment history,

-Driving infractions,

-And more.


A thorough screening can help in identifying all of these potential issues.


Employment history and education history verifications, reference checks, driver’s abstracts, and criminal record checks can help you identify these potential problems at an early stage.


Today, it is easier than ever to conduct background checks.


Background check providers, like Triton Canada, can carry out background checks for you in a cost-effective and secure manner. You can get the information you need to make informed decisions within short turnaround times too.


Additionally, you can also choose to integrate background checks into your Applicant Tracking System. By doing so, you can see at a glance what background checks have been completed and which have not, and candidates can check what information they need to submit.


This is especially effective for hiring in volume. You are able to avoid double entry and track what’s been completed and when throughout the whole hiring process.


At Triton, we offer comprehensive pre-employment screenings that minimize risk and improves the quality of hires.


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