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Reference Check Verifications in Canada

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Pre Employment Screening Solutions in Canada

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Canada's Leader in Reference Check Verifications

Up to 30% of resumes contain exaggerated or inaccurate information. Reference check verifications are a great way for you to find discrepancies in a candidate’s information and determine whether they are a reputable and credible person to add to your team. References provide a testimonial of a candidate’s character from a non-biased third person. Not only can you gain an understanding of how someone works on the job and with a team, but you also get insights into their personality and behavior. You want employees that can collaborate well with your team and company culture.

Learn more about how our reference check verifications can help you verify candidate character to find the best fit for your company.

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Comprehensive information about a person’s skills, experience, and character

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Triton referees ask the right questions for a complete understanding of a candidate

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Personalized questions to your business and role

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Professionally represent companies in front of candidates

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Why Rely on Triton's Pre Employment Screening Solutions?

Because we offer the widest range of most relied upon pre employment screening checks, reports and verifications.

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