Which Jobs Require Driver’s Abstracts?

March 17 2021

Just like employers perform other checks such as education verification and criminal records check, they may also request driver’s abstracts.


If you’re driving children to and from the school, driving a government vehicle, or driving a ride-sharing vehicle, you would most likely be required to get a driver’s abstract.


This is because you’re not only responsible for your own safety but also the safety of others as well as the reputation of the company you’re associated with.


So, to sum it up, you would need a driver’s abstract for all jobs that:


I. Involve transportation of people, animals, or goods.

II. Require you to use a company vehicle on a regular basis.


What information do Driver’s abstract screenings provide?


Driver’s abstracts reveal important information that helps employers gauge if you’re a responsible driver or not. They include information such as:


-History of impaired driving;


-Reckless driving;

-Driver’s license details;

-Active suspensions;

-And the status of the license.


Why are driver’s abstracts important?


This is because an individual who does not have a clean driving record can be a risky candidate to hire. Convictions, collisions, and speed violations indicate that the person does not drive carefully and doesn’t follow rules.


Usually, violations are not just a reflection of past driving performance but are also an indicator of future driving behaviours.


Though, this doesn’t mean that your record has to be absolutely pristine as companies may overlook one or two minor infractions.


Additionally, individuals who have a bad driving record could drive up the company’s insurance rates. Even one accident is enough to raise premiums!


Can an employer refuse to consider my application if I have a poor driving record?


Yes, it’s their right to do so. According to the Ontario Human’s Right Commission, where driving is an essential duty of the job, an employer can refuse to consider an applicant who has a poor driving record even when the Code protects individuals who have committed a violation under the Highway Traffic Act.


Today, checking driving records annually has become a standard practice.


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