Which Jobs Require a Credit Check?

August 04 2021

When searching for a new job opportunity, you might have needed a credit check.


A pre-employment credit check is an integral part of the hiring process for jobs that require handling cash, managing money, and accessing sensitive client financial information.


In some cases, an employment credit check might also be required for jobs that manage large amounts of expensive inventory, such as a high-end jewelry store, or for renting or leasing a property from a landlord.


Why Are Employment Credit Checks Important?


According to a 2018 HR.com report sponsored by the National Association of Background Screeners (NAPBS), 16% of companies pull credit or financial checks on all their job applicants and almost one-third of employers do an employment credit check on some candidates.


The number one reason employers conduct credit checks is to protect their employees and clients.


A pre-employment credit check can verify your identity, background, and financial history to determine whether you are a good fit for the role. It provides employers with an accurate snapshot of whether you can manage your responsibilities well.


Pre-employment credit checks also determine whether you are in financial distress, indicating if you have the capabilities to take on the financial responsibility that your job entails.


Which Jobs Require Employment Credit Checks?


Here are some common jobs that require a pre-employment credit check.

1. Accountants and Financial Planners

Employers want to hire someone capable of managing their own money well to manage company and client funds.


2. Lawyers

Although a credit check is not required to obtain a license to practice law, recruiters from law firms will typically ask for a pre-employment credit check because lawyers have access to sensitive personal and financial information from clients. In some cases, lawyers can have full access to your money and other assets.


3. Casino Jobs

Casino workers have access to large sums of money. A good credit report will prove to employers that candidates are financially sound and responsible.


4. Law Enforcement and Government Jobs

Conducting pre-employment credit checks is common for law enforcement and government roles. According to Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), mandatory credit checks were implemented as a part of its personnel security process to ensure better security clearances and transfers of reliability status.


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