Are You Doing Social Media Background Checks Yet?

February 16 2022

Social media background checks verify application accuracy, decide if they are a good cultural fit, learn about their reputation, and see if they are qualified for employment. However, there are ethical and legal considerations to consider. Delegating social media background checks to Triton allows employers to safely and legally examine a candidate’s online behavior to find red flags that typically aren’t found using traditional background checks.

What Do Social Media Background Checks Reveal?

What people like, share, or comment on social media says a lot about them. Digging into how potential candidates behave on social media platforms can help you learn about their personalities and whether they will fit into your organizational culture.

The Manifest surveyed over 500 full-time employers and found that 90 per cent said social media is important when evaluating a job candidate. Also, nearly 80 per cent of HR professionals surveyed said they had denied a candidate due to inappropriate content on social media.

Fed flags included hate speech, images of heavy partying or drug use, illegal or illicit content, confidential or sensitive content about a former employer, and poor grammar.

So, while a candidate may have a strong resumé, a social media background check can reveal a troublesome personality. For many employers, a candidate who could create a toxic workplace is not worth the trouble, no matter their skillset.

What Are Some Concerns

Canadian human rights laws prohibit employers from asking candidates about the following:

– Country/place of origin and citizenship status

– Religion, faith, or creed

– Age

– Gender or sexual orientation

– Race or ethnicity

– Family structure, children, or marital status

– Mental or physical health and disability

– Appearance, height, and weight

– Pardoned offences

However, this information can be difficult for employers to avoid during social media background checks. Legal expert Malcolm MacKillop says that “an employer who inadvertently exposes itself to that kind of information opens itself up to a human rights complaint from an unsuccessful applicant alleging that the decision not to hire them was based on a discriminatory consideration.”

Fortunately, the experts at Triton provide social media background checks that are legal, safe, and compliant with government regulations, allowing employers to delegate this task with peace of mind. Triton’s industry-leading turnaround times ensure you get the information you need quickly and cost-effectively.

If you would like to learn more, our friendly experts are happy to help answer any questions you have about social media background checks. You can reach us by phone at 1-855-790-7516, by email at, or at our website.