Social Media Background Check – What’s in it for Your Organization?

March 22 2021

Today, it’s considered odd if an individual does not have a social presence.


According to Sherpa Marketing, 64% of Canadians have a social networking profile and over 50% of Canadians are registered on more than one social media platform.


In times where social media adoption is so high, social media background checks can give organizations better insight into a candidate’s personality as well as verify information that the candidate has shared during the hiring process.


How people post on social media or conduct themselves on public platforms is often reflective of key aspects of their character and demeanour.


If they indulge in toxic behaviour, hurtful speech, exhibit bias or misconduct that can often be a red flag.


A thorough social media background check can identify potential issues or discrepancies that can then be reviewed by the hiring managers.


Some of the reasons why social media background checks have gained popularity over the past few years are:


-They help employers find someone who is the right fit. For instance, if you’re hiring for a non-profit organization, someone who has previously participated in charity events or helped plan community initiatives can be a good fit.


-They are quick and affordable.


-They help you verify the information a candidate has provided in their cover letter and resume. LinkedIn, for instance, can give in-depth insights into a candidate’s previous experience, recommendations, and qualifications.


Though, when you’re getting a social media background check, you have to tread carefully. This is because when it comes to social media, there are rules that govern which information can be collected. For instance, an employer can access public information, however, if you go beyond that privacy concerns can arise.


Additionally, many people feel that some information should not be accessed (such as race, sexual orientation, or political affiliation) to prevent any biases from seeping in and leading to discrimination.


Also, social media screening may not be as simple as it seems. This is because information obtained online may not always be true. It has to be verified to ensure that it is correct. Secondly, if your potential hire has a common name, it may be hard to find the profile you’re looking for.


So, while social media checks can provide valuable information about the candidate, they need to be performed properly and compliantly.


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