Sector in Focus – Retail

October 13 2021

The Canadian retail sector plays a significant role in the economy and is a key to bridging production and consumption.


The retail sector has experienced a large hit in revenue and job opportunities since the beginning of the pandemic, losing 208,000 jobs in March of 2020 and even more throughout the year.


As you’ve seen people panic buy and stock up on essentials from department stores, you know how important the retail sector is to the daily lives of Canadian families and businesses.


With the easing of restrictions and in-person interactions welcomed once again, the retail sector is seeing a rebound to make up for the revenue and job openings that were lost over the last year and a half.


According to the Canada Retail Report Spring 2021, consumer confidence has rebounded and, as of April 2021, has increased five times in the last six months.


In addition, most retail categories experienced more modest levels of recovery, with only three categories remaining in the red on a rolling 12-month basis.


These categories are:

– Clothing and Accessories;

– Home Furnishings;

– And Recreational stores.


According to the Retail Council of Canada, total retail sales increased by 56.66% from March 2020 to March 2021. However, there was still a decrease of 5.72% from March 2021 to April 2021.


In addition to remaining in the red on a 12-month rolling basis, clothing and accessories, recreational, and home furnishing stores also experienced the biggest decline in retail growth from March to April of this year.


We expect to see these areas improve in the coming months as lifted restrictions mean people can spend more time going out with friends, shopping for clothes, and participating in recreational activities.


In fact, it’s reported that a phenomenon of ‘revenge shopping’ will appear as consumers take out their frustration of the lost time during quarantine and business closures by shopping until they drop.


The sudden increase in consumer demand means that many stores will be looking to hire store associates, managers, and other roles to fill vacancies and ensure they are ready to greet their customers.


Here are jobs in the Canadian retail sector that some of Canada’s top employers are looking for in 2021:

– Retail sales associate

– Cashier

– Seasonal warehouse associate

– Customer experience associate

– Sales representative


The average salary you can expect for a retail job as a sales associate or similar role is:

– Quebec – $40,950

– British Columbia – $40,950

– New Brunswick – $32,721

– Yukon – $31,688

– Alberta – $31,200

– Ontario – $29,250

– Saskatchewan – $27,300

– Manitoba – $27,300

– Nova Scotia – 27,300

– Prince Edward Island – $25,350


If you’re looking to get into the retail industry, you may be required to undergo a background check.


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