“I Don’t Want to Return to the Workplace. What Are My Options?”

September 12 2022

According to leaked emails, Elon Musk is requiring employees to return to the workplace or resign. He reasons that companies with remote work arrangements aren’t productive.

Whether or not this is true is up for debate.

According to one survey of employers:

  • 13 per cent reported a significant increase in productivity.
  • 26 per cent reported a slight increase.
  • 29 per cent reported a slight decrease
  • 4 per cent reported a significant decrease.
  • And 28 per cent reported no change

In Canada, employees are increasingly returning to the workplace. In May, Statistics Canada reported that approximately 20 per cent of employed Canada were working mostly from home, down 4 per cent from January. From April 2020 to June 2021, around 30 per cent of working Canadians did most of their hours from home.

Are You Returning to the Workplace?

If your job is requiring you to return to the workplace, there could be several reasons why don’t want to give up your remote position. In addition to feeling more productive at home, maybe you’re unwilling to return to commuting. With rising fuel costs, driving back and forth to work has gotten more expensive.

You’re not alone. Some experts estimate as few as 10 per cent of people want to return to the workplace full-time. But if you think your employer is willing to listen, you may be able to negotiate a way to retain your remote position.

Here are some tips.

  • Communicate Your Position Clearly

You can’t assume your employer even knows you want to continue working from home. Until you ask, they may think you want to return to the workplace. Be upfront about your request to maintain a remote position to get the discussion started.

  • Emphasize It’s Win-Win

Give your employer plenty of reasons why a remote position is good for everyone. Show them how working from home made you a more productive employee. Then demonstrate how returning to the workplace could jeopardize that productivity.

  • Be Collaborative

If you can’t maintain a fully remote position, then you may be able to negotiate a hybrid arrangement. You may have to be willing to compromise on a few things. You could even help develop a company policy for your colleagues to establish best practices.

  • Be Willing to Move On

But if there are certain things you can’t compromise on, you may have to look for a new position. Many employers are still offering remote or hybrid positions. And some experts believe employers like Elon Musk risk losing talented employees by insisting on a return to the workplace.

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