Quality Background Checks: The Difference Between Good and Not-So-Good Hiring

January 18 2021

Hiring decisions aren’t easy.


As you work on your Post-COVID-19 recruitment strategy or finalize the 2021 hiring plan, it is important to focus on ensuring that you hire the right people.


Thorough background checks can help you do just that!


By having a reliable background check partner, you can not only bring the right people on-board but also adhere to your hiring timelines and minimize the costs associated with bad hires. These costs can go up to $15,000!


Additionally, pre-employment screenings, from Triton Canada, can help you maintain a safe workplace, maximize productivity, and verify candidate honesty.


So, how exactly do these background checks help? Here are some examples:


I. Employment History Verifications

Employment history verifications are useful in determining if the potential hire has accurately represented information on their resume and has the necessary experience.


In addition to verifying their experience, the employment history check also gives you an insight into the candidate’s past behaviours. It can identify red flags such as theft, workplace violence, computer misuse, and sexual harassment.


So, employment history verifications can help you make informed hiring choices and ensure workplace safety.


II. Education History Verifications

If you’re hiring for a role where certain degrees, licences, or certifications are a pre-requisite, conducting an education history verification check, can be very useful.


At Triton, we can also help you in verifying foreign degrees in the cases where the candidate has received international education.


III. Credit Check Verifications

When you’re hiring someone, who will be taking critical financial decisions or will be managing significant funds, a credit check is an important screening to consider.


This is a quick way of seeing if a candidate is currently handling their finances well or is in a tough spot. While this may not necessarily be a red flag on its own, it may warrant further questioning if this person is meant to handle your organization’s finances.


IV. Reference Check Verifications

Reference checks are a great way to learn more about your potential hire. They provide additional insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.


You can learn how they’ve reacted in certain situations, are they reliable, are they good communicators, etc.


V. Driver’s Abstract

Lastly, if you are hiring a candidate who will need to drive your company vehicles, a driver’s abstract is essential.


It is a quick way of learning if the candidate has a clean record and it can also help verify if they have the required specialized licence (in case they are required to operate heavy machinery). This document can shed light on potential red flags such as traffic violations, arrests, convictions, suspensions, and/or cancellations.


In essence, background checks help in ensuring that your hiring process is as fool-proof as it can be!


One of our clients shared that after working with us for a few months and making informed hiring decisions, they saw an 85% increase in productivity. To read more case studies, click here.


At Triton Canada, we offer employment history verifications, educational checks, driver’s abstracts, credit checks, reference checks, and more. To learn more about our solutions, call us on 1-844-874-8667 or visit triton.clientwebdev.com  for a free quote.


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