New Year and Workforce Planning – What Factors to Keep into Consideration?

December 14 2020

It’s that time of the year … when you have to go back to the drawing board and plan.


As the economic situation has changed so much this year, the way businesses operate has transformed too. Jobs have evolved, e-commerce has gained traction, and remote work has become the new normal.


Strategic workforce planning is critical to meet the changing industry requirements and make sure that you bring the right person onboard, for the right job, at the right time.


These steps can help you plan ahead and build a workforce that can help your organization succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.




To start the workforce planning process, it is essential to review the skills and responsibilities of your current workforce.


You need to go beyond just a simple headcount. It is important to answer the following questions:


-What skills do people currently have?

-What other skills are required?

-How will you develop the skills of your current workforce?


Demand Planning


Once you have done a detailed analysis of the current situation, you are in a better position to move on to the demand analysis.


By reviewing the future business plans and objectives and comparing them to the current skill set of your workforce, you can understand what your organization’s future workforce composition should look like.


Though, demand planning may look slightly different in 2020, as you have to keep additional factors like changing global marketplaces, supply chain disruptions, potential lockdowns, and other issues into consideration.


Find the Gaps


Now it’s time to put two and two together.


By comparing the demand and current workforce capabilities, you can do a gap analysis and identify what new roles or skills do you require in the coming year.


The findings at this stage will help you plan your organizational restructuring, recruitment, and employee development strategies.


What’s next?


Once you have a well-thought-out strategic workforce plan in place you can work on other aspects of human resources such as recruitment, training and development, and/or outsourcing.


By predetermining your requirements, you’re not only able to optimize costs, prepare for market changes but are also able to develop a long-term recruitment strategy that is based on solid research.


As you develop the bigger plans, we at Triton, are here to support in executing them. Through our online background checks solutions, you can always be sure that you’re getting the right people on board.


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