Is There a Difference in Employee Rescreening and Continuous Monitoring?

November 15 2021

A large part of a manager’s job is to ensure their employees are performing well and that the overall team is productive.


They hold performance reviews, provide feedback, and conduct team meetings to ensure their employees are on the same page and working hard toward the same goal.


When discussing the ways that managers and other HR experts can identify whether an employee is doing their job well and should remain in the role, different methods can be used.


Two of the most common methods are rescreening employees and continuously monitoring employees.


But what’s the difference between these two methods? If you’re rescreening your employees, aren’t you already monitoring them? Similarly, if you’re continuously monitoring your employees, why do you need to rescreen them?


What’s the Difference Between Rescreening and Continuously Monitoring?


Rescreening employees is when you conduct a post-employment background check on people you’ve already hired.


You might have a hiring policy where you rescreen your employees periodically, such as every 1 to 5 years or during specific situations.


When you rescreen an employee, you’re simply re-running at least one of the initial background checks you conducted before you hired the person. It could a social media check, criminal background check, or driver’s abstract.


On the other hand, continuously monitoring your employees occurs a lot more frequently. You continuously evaluate your employees to ensure they are performing well and to be alerted of any concerns.


For example, you might rescreen employees every year to ensure they have a clean credit check. However, ongoing monitoring might reveal that the employee isn’t handling the company’s money properly, and you can resolve the situation quickly.


Benefits of Rescreening and Continuously Monitoring Your Employees


You should rescreen your employees as well as continuously monitor their performance.


Post-employment screenings will verify on record that your employees continue to meet the qualifications needed to do their job.


However, sometimes your employees will show concerning behaviours that need to be addressed before it’s time to rescreen them. That’s where continuously monitoring your employees will benefit you.


You can catch any red flags a lot quicker and more frequently when you provide ongoing monitoring so you can address these concerns before they snowball.


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