How Should You Be Upskilling and Reskilling Yourself?

September 29 2021

Change is one of the only things we can count on to stay consistent in our lives.


Everything around us, everything we do, is to improve ourselves and the way things are done to create a better future. The job landscape is no exception.


The skills recruiters want are constantly changing and redefining according to the evolving economy and consumer preferences.


It’s important for employees and job seekers to continuously learn and improve themselves, so they can stay competitive in the job market.


By 2022, over half of employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling.


Want to know how you can upskill and reskill yourself to advance your career?


Here are some considerations for you.


Look at Upskilling and Reskilling Programs


Often, organizations have upskilling and reskilling programs focused on helping employees enhance what they already know and gain new skills that can be applied.


It might be courses you can take in your free time through your organization’s internal portal, conferences you can attend, webinars that different teams host, or something else.


Speak to your manager or coworkers about the upskilling and reskilling programs available to you, and choose the programs that interest you.


There are also free or paid online courses available from third-party websites that can help you gain more knowledge and even certifications.


Set Challenging but Achievable Learning Goals


Know what you’re trying to achieve and set realistic goals and timelines for yourself.


It’s impossible to learn everything there is to know in a short period, so focus on the results you want to see and what’s relevant to what you want to achieve.


You can gain valuable insights from your coworkers about what they recommend to focus on and brainstorm a clear path you will take in a set amount of time.


It helps you be systematic in learning and optimizes the way you spend your time as well as the courses you choose to take, giving you better results.


Practice Your Skills


Practice makes perfect, or as close to perfect as you can get.


Find ways to use your new knowledge every day. so you can become more familiar with applying these skills in the workforce.


Whether it’s taking a freelance job, talking to your manager about opportunities to incorporate these skills into your current role, or something else, practice helps you become the subject matter expert you’re striving to be.


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