How Often Should You Rescreen Your Employees?

November 08 2021

Hiring managers and HR experts can agree that background checks are an important step of the hiring process.


It gives you important information about the candidate’s history, qualifications, and personality so you can make smarter hiring choices and find the right talent.


But what about the people that you’ve already hired?


Hiring a candidate that meets your expectations during the interview and pre-employment screening process doesn’t guarantee that they will continue to excel on the job.


Screening your current employees is just as important to ensure you maintain workplace safety and a team of dedicated and qualified employees.


Some employers make it a part of their hiring policy to conduct periodic background checks on existing employees. They might rescreen employees every year or every two to five years.


Here are some specific instances where you should be rescreening current employees.


An Employee Gets Promoted or Changes Jobs Within the Organization


Horizontal and vertical moves are common in the workforce. An employee might decide to go to a different department or receive a promotion in a more senior role.


If the employee now has additional responsibilities different from their previous job, you should rescreen them to ensure they are qualified for the role.


For example, if their new role requires them to handle cash, a credit check verification will verify that the candidate is financially responsible. If their new role requires them to supervise children or vulnerable populations, a criminal record check can identify if they are qualified to do so.


Information that Expires or Changes


Typically, you should be rescreening employees before reaching this point. However, if you don’t have a periodic rescreening policy, you should definitely consider rescreening employees when the information on their background check expires.


For example, a driver’s abstract only shows a person’s driving history of up to 3 years, while other background checks might go back 7 to 10 years depending on the check and nature of the role.


These information can change throughout the years and conducting these types of background checks again will verify that your employees are still qualified for the job.


If your employees require special licensing to work (i.e., real estate agents, healthcare professionals, etc.), periodic background checks will ensure that their licenses are up to date.


When Rehiring Volunteers or Contractors


You might hire volunteers or contractors to help your team with special projects occasionally.


Even if you’ve already collaborated with them in the past, it doesn’t guarantee that things haven’t changed since then.


You should rescreen these people every time you rehire them to ensure that they still meet the requirements for the job.


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