How Do You Conduct Background Checks When Hiring Remotely?

October 12 2021

Although pandemic restrictions are mostly lifted, and lockdowns are a thing of the past, strategies for remote hiring will likely remain for many businesses.


Its success has proven that remote recruiting and onboarding should be a permanent strategy in some capacity.


Recruiting any time of the year always requires a thorough process but hiring remotely should be even more careful because you aren’t physically present with the candidates.


Here are some considerations of conducting background checks for remote hiring.


Leverage Technology as Much as Possible


Technology is your best friend when hiring. Not only does it make your background check process faster, but it can automate the process so you can get the information you need and exchange information with candidates from anywhere.


Technology helps you better organize the information you receive from background checks like demographics, disclosures, and authorization documents.


Background screening technology also integrates into your applicant tracking system to help you access information easier and track applicant progress.


Understand Background Screening Protocols and Candidate Privacy Rights


There are regulations in place that dictate how organizations can request, use, and dispose of private information.


For example, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) regulates how private-sector organizations across Canada collect, use, or dispose of personal information for commercial purposes.


Candidates should also be informed of their background check results as well as the purpose of collecting personal information and their background checks.


Use Multiple Methods of Conducting Employee Verifications


Not only are there several types of background checks you can request, but there are also different ways of conducting them.


You can use technology to automate the background check process and incorporate multiple contact methods such as email, fax, and phone.


It gives you more ways to respond to requests and provides more thorough verification information for candidates.


Offer Remote Onboarding and a Seamless Candidate Experience


Once you’ve hired a candidate remotely, chances are they will also be onboarded remotely.


Candidates and hiring managers are looking for a seamless experience when it comes to the transition between hiring and onboarding.


According to IBM, candidates are 38% more likely to accept a job offer if they have a positive hiring experience.


The onboarding process should be efficient, provide thorough support, and have resources that can guide candidates through the process.


Triton Canada is committed to helping businesses and hiring professionals create a positive hiring and onboarding process. We work with medium to enterprise firms, small businesses, and individuals to provide customized background check solutions.


Our services seamlessly integrate into your applicant tracking system to help you automate and streamline the entire process, so you can hire with confidence even when remote.


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