Do You Know Which Types of Background Checks Your Business Needs?

October 06 2021

Background checks are one of the most important steps in the hiring process for any business.


It helps employers screen candidates to determine their qualifications and to verify the accuracy of applicant information.


There are many types of background checks available that produce different information for hiring managers to use. It’s important to conduct the ones that are most relevant to your business and role needs.


Criminal Background Checks


Criminal background checks are one of the most common background checks that businesses conduct.


They ensure that candidates have a clean background by identifying criminal convictions under the Canadian Criminal Code and Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Government jobs or any role that works with children and vulnerable populations will usually ask for a criminal background check.


Job positions that handle finances and sensitive information will also require background checks. Some of these jobs include:

– Healthcare workers;

– Bankers;

– Teachers;

– And more.


Driver’s Abstracts


A driver’s abstract produces a record of a candidate’s driving history. It can list applicable demerits, suspensions, convictions, license length and class, and more.


Typically, jobs that require transporting goods or people will require a driver’s abstract to ensure employees are safe on the road.


If you’re hiring a truck driver as a part of your supply chain, a bus driver for your school, or a taxi driver for your business, you should consider asking for a driver’s abstract.


Employment History Verifications


Employment history verifications provide a history of a candidate’s employment record. It includes their past positions, employers, employment length, reason for departure, and more.


The value of employment history verifications is broader. Any business that wants to find out where a candidate has previously worked can conduct employment history verifications.


It lets hiring managers know if candidates are reliable and experienced workers. It also verifies the employment information that candidates include on their resumes to ensure accuracy.


Education History Verifications


Education history verifications identify the educational background of a candidate, including their skills, knowledge, and certifications.


Some jobs, like lawyers, real estate agents, and teachers, require specialized certifications to be hired. An education history verification will let hiring managers know if candidates have the necessary degrees and certifications to be hired.


Credit Check Verifications


Credit check verifications provide information about a candidate’s financial status, such as their credit score, payment histories, bankruptcies, collections, and more.


If you’re a landlord, you might want to ask for credit checks from your tenants to ensure they have the financial capabilities and responsibility to pay rent on time.


Jobs that require handling cash or large sums of money on behalf of clients or the business might also require credit check verifications. Some of these roles include:

– Cashiers;

– Investment bankers;

– Accountants;

– Mortgage loaners;

– And more.


Reference Check Verifications


Like employment check verifications, reference checks have broader benefits. References provide a testimony towards the reputation of a candidate.


Any hiring manager that wants to know how well a candidate performs on the job and whether they have good ethics can request reference checks.


Educational institutions also often ask for reference checks when candidates are trying to apply to their programs like graduate school.


Pre-Employment Screenings


Pre-employment screenings provide a variety of information, including criminal history, work infractions, and more. It can protect businesses from liability, prevent bad hires, and verify application accuracy. These benefits can be reaped from recruiting managers in all industries.


Triton Canada provides all the listed background checks to help employers make the right hiring choices. We work with medium to enterprise organizations, small businesses, and individuals in all industries to help them identify which background checks are needed and provide personalized solutions.


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