Agriculture Tech Jobs Are Growing Canada’s Future

September 19 2022

Experts predict 123,000 job vacancies in Canada’s agriculture sector by 2029. Employers in the field have cited a particular need for agriculture tech jobs. There is a big demand for workers with skills such as automation, artificial intelligence, drones, big data, and more.

Despite aggressive hiring efforts from Canadian farmers, 40 per cent say they couldn’t fill all the positions they needed. International agricultural workers are filling nearly all these vacant positions.

Part of the problem is that there are many duties in agriculture that people don’t want to do, like picking mushrooms. Opportunities for agriculture tech jobs have grown as farmers embrace digitalization to address labour gaps. However, there aren’t enough applicants with industry-specific skills.

The good news is that if you’re interested in agriculture tech jobs, there are opportunities for you to join this sector.

Bridging the Gap With Agriculture Tech Jobs

In Saskatchewan, Palette Skills has recently launched The Automation and Digital Agriculture Specialist Program. It is an accelerated program, either two weeks full-time or six weeks part-time, meant to upskill applicants who aren’t specifically trained in agriculture tech jobs but who have relevant skills.

The program covers a diverse set of skills such as:

  • Digital agriculture
  • Data management
  • Business development
  • The Internet of Things
  • Soil management techniques

The program connects with hiring partners from companies in the field across the province to provide industry-led guidance. You can also take advantage of their career coaching services to network with mentors. In fact, they’re committed to a job offer rate of 90 per cent.

The Need for Agriculture Tech Jobs

Experts estimate the labour shortages caused by the pandemic resulted in nearly $3 billion in lost sales, more than 4 per cent of the agriculture sector’s total. Along with labour shortages, global supply chain disruptions and climate change are all combining to put a lot of pressure on Canada’s food security.

We need talented people filling agriculture tech jobs to protect our food chain.

Frédérique Carrier, managing director, head of Investment Strategy at RBC Wealth Management, argues that agriculture companies that embrace sustainable technology will have secular growth opportunities. Agriculture tech jobs will be a key factor in Canada’s journey towards greater sustainability.

Now is a great time to get in on this growing sector.

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