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A Triton Canada criminal record check cannot be used as a vulnerable sector check. Please direct any questions concerning vulnerable sector checks to your local police service.

Why Do I Need a Criminal Record Check?

More than half of employers in Canada request a criminal record check as a part of the hiring process. Whether you’re applying for a job that requires a criminal record check or would simply like to see your criminal record check, we can help.

Normally, you’d have to visit your local police service, but with Triton, you can complete your criminal record check online from home.

Just follow our user-friendly process, and we’ll email you your criminal record check within just fifteen minutes. Or you can download our app and make the process even easier.

Following RCMP-certified processes, we partner with local police departments to ensure compliance with all security and privacy guidelines, so your rights and information are always protected.

Our Easy Three-Step Process


Fill in Personal Information

This process takes about 15 minutes and includes providing basic personal information such as your legal name, contact information, birthday, gender, and place of birth.

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Pay for your criminal record check online using our secure payment methods.


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Wait just fifteen minutes for your criminal record check to arrive. Now you’re all set!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost to download the app from the App store or Google Play. Once you have entered in the required personal information, there will be a cost of $55.95 to receive your Criminal Background Check. This will be sent directly to your email.

The Triton App is currently available in the Google Play Store.

The Triton App will prompt you to enter in your personal information including legal name, contact information, birthday and place of birth. Once you have completed payment, your Criminal Background Check will be sent directly to your email. You will also have the option to request a hard copy to be mailed to your current address.

If you do not own a mobile device, you can still request a criminal background check online through the Triton website. To do this click here.

The Triton App does not allow individuals to run a Criminal Background Check on anyone other than themselves. The app requires consent and your personal signature. If you are looking at conducting Criminal Background Checks at a Small Business or Enterprise level, please contact our sales team to learn more.